Victory Park Seats

Select your own Premium (covered) or Regular (uncovered) seat/s.

Victory Park Seat Cost per seat Status
Premium $889 per annum sold out
Regular $690 per annum 40 permanent seats left!
Enjoying going to Jade more, now I am in the corporate lounge, great atmosphere

Lancaster Reserves

After booking your seats for the next game, you can spend some time finding the highest ranked casinos in your area by logging in to

A block of premium covered seats with your own beverage fridge & car parks. You will appreciate your pre-ordered meal or snacks being delivered straight to your seats.

Lancaster Reserve Car Parks Cost Status
Premium A – 15 seats 3 $17,778 per annum sold out
Premium B – 12 seats 2 $13,333 per annum sold out
Regular – 12 seats n/a $13,000 per annum sold out
I am delighted with the service and flow of information from your team.