NorWest Club

The Nor’West Club offers private and well-appointed facilitiesto entertain your clients, customers and staff.

Situated on level 1 of the Hadlee Stand offers great views of the Stadium’s oval, being behind the goal post you will never miss a try. A veranda opens up the Nor’West Club enabling your guests the option of sitting either inside or out.

Membership gives you tickets to all scheduled events and grants you access to the members-only Nor’West Club featuring catering and bar facilities and is reserved for the exclusive use of membership.

This exclusive club has limited availability, with a maximum of a 160 memberships.

We had a very enjoyable year and we think the staff should be praised as their contribution was first class.

Ticket Entitlements

For scheduled rugby & cricket events, each membership will be entitled to tickets for no extra charge.

Scheduled Events comprise up to:

5 Super 12 Round Robins

5 NPC Round Robins

Rugby Test

2 One-day International fixtures

1 Cricket Test Match

For all other (unscheduled) events you will be offered first option to purchase your tickets at the Prime Adult Price for that event, as determined by Jade Stadium.