Corporate Suites

There are so many opportunities for entertainment at the Jade Stadium, but you can also play some casino games and discover more today.

For exclusivity look no further than Corporate Suites at Jade Stadium. Located in the Smiths City, Hadlee and PKMC Stands these suites are available casually on an event by event basis or invest in one permanently. Our Corporate Suites have a seating viewing capacity from 16 to 40 people. Catering is available from your traditional footy snacks to a silver service meal.

You can purchase on your own or with a group of friends, business partners or associates and together form a syndicate to take advantage of this superb opportunity to make the most of your entertainment.

Costs vary depending on location, size of the suite (and the event for casual hire).

Smiths City Suites

Situated on the first floor of the Smiths City Stand (formally No3 Stand), the suites have a spectacular sideline view of the game. Seating behind a sliding window gives your guests both comfort and the atmosphere of the game whilst inside the suite.

Two Suites are available, capacity of 16 people per suite.

Hadlee Suites

With the Hadlee Suites prime views of the playing field, private undercover balcony seating this is a prestigious environment where you and your guests can relax and enjoy the day’s entertainment.

Two Suites available, one located on the second level with a capacity of 40 people, and the other on the third level with a capacity of 35 people.

PKMC Suites

Officially opened in April 2002, the PKMC Suites are Jade Stadiums Premium Suites. Each with a seated viewing capacity of 16 (tiered seating for 12 people on a private balcony and 4 inside behind a fully retractable window), these suites are keenly sort after by high profile Canterbrians and New Zealand business sector.

With the immense popularity of PKMC Suites, Jade Stadium will continue to have casual Suites available for each event held. Permanent Suites are strictly limited.