Licence Terms

The seating packages in the Scenic Circle Lounge will be sold in the

form of a Licence to Occupy, a sample copy which is available

on request.

Lancaster Reserves are available on either a 5 or 10 year Licence term. The 5 Year term will be subject to an annual Consumer Price Index adjustment, whereas the fee for the 10 Year term will be fixed.

Victory Park Seats are available on a fixed term of 3 years..

All prices quoted exclude GST

 Ticket Entitlements

For scheduled rugby & cricket events, each membership will be entitled to tickets for no extra charge.

 Scheduled Events comprise up to:

5 Super 12 Round Robins

5 NPC Round Robins

Rugby Test

2 One-day International fixtures

1 Cricket Test Match

For all other (unscheduled) events you will be offered first option to purchase your tickets at the Prime Adult Price for that event, as determined by Jade Stadium.

Sample of Non-Scheduled Events:



NRL Rugby


I have enjoyed the last 12 months very much, I have been looked after very well.

Membership & Payment Terms

Permanent & Casual Membership available

Casual Membership is cost dependent on event, contact Julie Gilchrist directly for more information.

Click here for a Membership Application Form or visit the Jade Stadium reception.

All costs quoted exclude Goods & Services Tax

Membership fees can be paid in full, quarterly or monthly instalments.

The following deposits are required to secure your application.

$100 per Victory Park Seat

$2,000 per Lancaster Reserve

If you would like to view the Corporate Facilities available, please contact Julie Gilchrist to arrange a time suitable